#LoveYourWood Contest - Potting Bench

** Disclaimer: No husband was used in the making of this project! **

If you have been following me on Instagram (and if you aren't, you should) you would have been given peeks to a project I have been working on ALL BY MYSELF sponsored by Varathane Canada. AND this project is entered into a contest where I can win $2500!!! 

Varathane provided me with a mystery box that contained stains, 5 items and a $75 Visa Gift card to purchase materials for my project. My project needed to use the stain provided along with 3 of the 5 items.

After going back and forth as to what to make AND because I have VERY limited woodworking capabilities, I decided I would make a potting bench for my back yard. 

Using pine 2x 4's that I had pre-cut at Home Depot, along with pine shelf boards my parent's were itching to get rid of, I created a potting bench that was built my me!

(OK, not the whole truth, my dad came over to cut the pine boards with our skill saw as hubs was out of town and I was afraid I would saw off my fingers)

Cool Metallic Finish in copper -can't really see the sparkle, but it's there. I have a sparkly potting bench.

Mystery items....

Here are the items I used in my project:

Varathane Ultimate Wood Stain in dark walnut
Varathane Poly Effects Metallic Finish in metallic copper finish

In addition I purchased:

2 knobs
deck screws
Varathane Diamond Finish Outdoor Clear Coat in Matte
Rustoleum Painter's Touch in Black Canyon in a flat finish
pine 2 x 4's
pine shelf boards
I am quite proud of myself as I truly built this almost 99% by myself. 

SOOOOOO....VOTE for me.

Visit Helping You Finish Facebook page and vote for my project. You can place one vote per day. Voting ends on August 31 11:59 PM (EST)
You can also win a Varathan prize pack just for voting!

The winner of the #LoveYourWood challenge wins $2500! 

YUP - $2500!!!
What would I do with $2500, well for starters I have 2 children attending university....enough said.
Or finally splurge on some area rugs.
Or a new family room sofa.
Or finish our master bedroom.
The list could go on.

May the best blogger win.



  1. Wow, this is amazing!! You did a fantastic job. I did not build something from scratch but got very similar items. I want this potting bench! Good luck.
    Hugs, Jamie

  2. Wow Barbara, that turned out SO good!! I'm going over to vote for you (you NEED new area rugs...) and I'd like to win a Varathan prize pack for myself - win, win!!

  3. Wow! Amazing job! Love great garden table!


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