Can't believe it is Friday again! This week has whizzed by. I have a few things brewing on the blog side of things and, in addition to teaching, my brain is bursting at the seams with ideas and projects I want to work on. 

My poor pooch was sick this week too, had to take him to the vet. Since he is a bit of a garbage hound, he apparently ate something that gave him a stomach thing... lets just say the clean up from his backside in the laundry room had my husband gagging! After a trip to the vet, some antibiotics, probiotics (that have that for dogs???) and a check-up he is on the mend. But next we go to deal with his arthritis and pain. Poor old dog.

In between appointments, marking, house cleaning, reading magazines, this is what...

caught my eye this week:

CB2 ombre stump $399, I smell a DIY.

A local blogger and designer along with her handy husband who happens to be a skookum photographer had their home featured in BC Home Magazine. I happened to meet this gal through my sister, who mentioned that Jodi, my former garden plot neighbour was a blogger and designer. Well, a few years later, her and her husband's talent is finally recognized in print! Check out the photos on their blog! Hard to believe they live in the townhouse!

Being a sucker for black and white, love this kid's room.

Made this for dinner, it was devoured. Delish and yummo!

Do you think you have what it takes to be featured as an "Everygirl"? Everygirl is accepting submissions, maybe the next face featured could be you!

I am signing off. Tomorrow I am off to West Elm Market's pet party!

XO Barbara


  1. Great inspiration picks. Must try that recipe!! Sorry to hear about your pooch. Our oldest is almost 13, and we've been through that!!

  2. Love that black and white bedroom....I must do polka dots in my house someday since they are taking over the blog/design world. Hope your pup is ok....

  3. Hope your dog is doing better. Ours is on an anti-inflammatory and pain killer 24/7. Some days are good, others not so much. It's so hard when they get old! Have a great weekend :)

  4. Oooo, I love that ombre stump! I hope your dog bounces back quickly, and that you get to enjoy a relaxing weekend!!

  5. Great round up, Barbara! Jodi and Darryl's place is amazing. I saw that ombre stump a few days ago and I already have some wood drying. Oh yeah. I'm with you all the way on that one.

  6. Ooh that stump would be a fab DIY!! And I love that polka dot wall! Hope you have a lovely weekend (and your poor dog is feeling better!)!! xo

  7. Thank GOODNESS it's Friday!!! That stump tables looks totally doable! Have a great weekend Barb!

  8. I know you can make that stool girl! You are my inspiration!
    Wow Daryl & Jodi's home makes a great impression in print & in person! Love their place!
    Thank for keeping me current..!

  9. Love that stump table, totally doable and isn't Jodi's feature fab? She did a fantastic job on the designing and Darryl did an incredible job on the photography. Great team work! See you at West Elm!

  10. Love that gorgeous kitchen! So fresh and bright. I hope your dear pooch feels better soon, poor thing. xo

  11. Thanks Barb! Just saw this now... I hope your dog is okay.

    You're right about those stumps, I noticed them too! Gorgeous!


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