Crate and Barrel: Now In Vancouver

As a long time fan of Crate and Barrel, I frequented their outlet when I lived in Virginia, I was thrilled to find out they were opening up here in Vancouver!!!!

 Lucky me was invited to the media preview last Wednesday. 

Here are a few goodies that caught my eye. Please forgive the photos, I only had my iphone with me that day.

That rug is calling my name!

Crate and Barrel is now open.
Oakridge Center
Cambie and West 41st.

Now I think they need to open an outlet near my house and all will be well.
XO Barbara


  1. Oh I'm sure it was so much fun to have the first browse around - LOVE that store!!

  2. I'm so in love with those driftwood tables! It's probably a good thing that this store is an hour away from us. Any closer would be too dangerous to my bank account! ;) Great to see you there!

  3. I love the driftwood tables too!!
    Wish I could have been there :-(

  4. I see a familiar dark stained cabinet that I own. I just love it and I love Crate & Barrel. To bad I missed the opening but I look forward to visiting it when I get home. Lucky for me it's only five minutes from where I live. Woo hoo. I may have shares in the company by the time my visit is over......

  5. sqweel!! I'm so excited to come visit this new store.. You're such a lucky duck to go to all these swish parties!! Thanks for the preview! Keep working on that outlet idea OK :)

  6. Sorry to have missed the opening! Happy to see all your I need to pop up to Oakridge and check it out in person.

  7. Now I can't wait to go! I want that carpet in the last picture!!!

  8. I wish I'd been in town! I love Crate&Barrel!

  9. I like C&B and have been very lucky to have one here in Dubai ~ it's just a nice little bit of "normal life". :)


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