Sharing 5 Fall Favourites at Living Savvy

Will fall coming on with a vengeance here in Vancouver {rain + wind}, nothing makes the cool rainy days better than surrounding yourself with all things cozy. 

So when Tiffany from Living Savvy asked me to be part of her 5 Fall Favourites series, it was a no-brainer! Tiffany, a fellow DIYer and upholsterer whiz is busy settling into her new home, she has let several bloggers loose on her blog!

Hint: think warm, knits and red.

I am back to a busy week of teaching second grade. My latest news is that 3 weeks ago, my teaching partner decided to take a sick leave, and I was offered the position to teach full time, at least until the end of November. I decided to take it on {much to the encouragement of my husband, who is currently jobless and is home to care for the house - his version of caring for the house is slightly different than mine though!} So bear with me as I try to get my head above water. I have been working on-call for 6 years so I had VERY little resources, the classroom was lacking in any resources, so I am spending my time organizing, creating things for the classroom and reading teaching blogs. If you want to feel inadequate as a teacher, you should read some teaching blogs! Wow - there are some amazing dedicated educators out there, whose lives are teaching! Bravo to them! 

Now if I could just get my head above water.....

Love you all. And thanks for not abandoning my humble blog while I get my life organized and adjust to working full time.

I haven't abandoned it altogether. I am participating in an upcoming local charity DIY challenge this week and next. Will share my before picture in a few days!


XO Barbara


  1. Love your fall things Barbara, and seeing your beautiful face over at Marcus Design this morning. I hope work is going well, and that you feel comfortable juggling everything soon. They are lucky to have you, and Im sure those 2nd graders will give you something to smile about.
    xo Nancy

  2. You're pretty amazing yourself! And those kids are so lucky you said, yes! Um, is hub's taking care of the home kind of like BBQing is 'making' dinner? ;-) Good for you on the chair for charity challenge! I can't wait to see it!

  3. I hope you're starting to find your groove in the classroom. Can we expect blog posts on decor in the class soon? I love your fall favs. This time of year is my favourite and I love the squash soup as well! Good luck getting settled.

  4. Your year will fly by! But glad that you still have some time to blog and looking forward to seeing your chair for charity!

  5. Your design is awesome and the selection of typography is inspiring me. You have amazing skills of banner designing.

  6. I would love to see how you are decorating your classroom! I'm all over your fall faves and especially that soup! Looking forward to the charity chair reveal too.

  7. Don't panic!!!! Breathe and just know you'll get through this. We're all here for you and will never leave.

  8. Aw, we'd never abandon it...I'm taking it kinda slow over at my blog seems as though October's been a crazy month for many bloggers. Worry not my friend...we'll be here whenever things settle down for you. xo


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