Hanging out at Prairie Perch

While the lovely Sarah is off soaking up the warm tropical sunshine she has asked me to share what I have been lovin' lately.

It was hard narrowing down what I have been lovin' lately as there is so much inspirational ideas floating around - but my top love list is over at Prairie Perch today. 

Come on over, don't be shy! 

Tomorrow's post will be a fun one, I was tagged by Carol and it's mine turn to play the game!

XO Barbara

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  1. Ooh...heading over to your guest post now Barbara! Hope you have a lovely day and a wonderful week ;)
    Cheers, Amy
    Ps. I awarded you The Versatile Bloggers Award! I love visiting your blog and seeing all the beautiful pillows your making, the cool interviews your doing and just popping in to say hello. Thanks for inspiring me! Cheers!


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