So Canadian, eh? : Carissa Erickson

Welcome back to another installment in my series!

 My list of fantabulous Canadians just keeps growing.

We are a talented bunch :)

My guest this week puts my DIY skills to shame. She can take something ordinary and make it extraordinary!

Have a blah sisal rug? No problem for this Canadian chick -she will take it from blah to wow.

Please welcome the sweet and darling....

Carissa Erickson from

She is so

Carissa is not afraid to experiment and take risks. Her risk taking pays off as her home is fabulous!

Here is the rug I was talking about. Pretty fabulous, eh?

Would you believe this lovely chandy is made from embroidery hoops? 


Her latest living room spruce-up, drapes made from a Missoni for Target duvet.

Yup, a duvet.

 Hmmm.... I think I need a sign like this at my house.

Her fabulous gallery wall. This one is in my inspiration file.

How cool is that wallpaper in her dining room?

Tell us a bit about your background? Your education? Has design always been in your blood?

My educational background is in Engineering.  I have a degree in Engineering, a degree in Computer Science, and a Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering.  I wish I would have known how much I loved design when I was 18 and deciding what to do with my life!!!

My parents are both creative people and influenced my love for design.  My dad can build anything (I just give him a sketch and he figures it out!)  My mom is a teacher, but has always had an eye for design and fashion, and definitely encouraged it in my sister and me.  However, I didn’t really figure out how much I loved design until I owned my first home.  Having the freedom to decorate exactly the way that I wanted to was thrilling to me.  Now the majority of my free time is spent designing and working on projects in my home!

What made you decide to start a blog?

I’m a stay at home mom with two little boys… I needed a distraction!  Reading blogs was a way to focus on something other than ‘boy stuff’ like construction vehicles, sports teams, and superheroes.  My good friend Cristin had been blogging for quite a while, and I enjoyed her blog so much I decided to start one of my own.

What have you enjoyed about blogging?

My blog motivates for me to accomplish things around the house!  I love starting new projects, but have been known to fizzle out before I finish… but now that I have a blog, I have to finish projects so I can write about them! 

I also enjoy the fact that I’ve connected with so many people who have the same enthusiasm for design that I do.    My blog friends totally understand why I lust over herringbone wood floors, they know what I’m talking about when I refer to “Chiang  Mai” or “La Fiorentina”, and they aren’t weirded out by my love of brass!  My blog friends just ‘get it’. 

How would you describe your design style?

I think my style is pretty traditional, but I definitely have an eclectic side.  You can see my love for vintage as well as one-of-a-kind diy projects throughout my house. 

Where do you find inspiration for your projects and your blog?

My projects are usually inspired by something I want that I can’t afford!  If there is a way to make something, I’ll definitely try it! 

What is one design faux pas that you wish could be banished?

OMG… how about too-short curtains?  The kind that are like flood pants.  Or gigantic televisions mounted too high on the wall with nothing underneath them.  Or ‘media room furniture’ that has built in speakers and beverage holders.  Ugh.  I know that my blog friends will back me up on all of these! 

As a mother, how do you balance your family life and your blog?

Balance?  Hahaha!  I wish I knew the secret.  I have to admit that more than a few of my boys’ shenanigans have taken place when I’ve been blogging or working on a diy project!  Walls, furniture and floors have been colored on too many times to count.  My own hair even got snipped one day before I figured out what was happening!   So yeah, the boys pretty much demand my attention most of the time, and the blog gets second place right now.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Paint!  Walls, not pictures (although, I think that would be fun too.)  I’m learning to sew and knit and crotchet.  I read a lot (books as well as blogs and magazines.)  I love to go for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine with my friends.  I watch mindless tv like The Bachelor and Big Brother.  My favorite thing to do is hang out with my family!

Tell us one thing that would surprise us!

I think I’ve mentioned this on my blog, but it might be a surprise to some of you that our family is vegan.  Yep, we had ‘tofurkey’ for Thanksgiving dinner (tofu with stuffing inside, roasted and marinated like a turkey… YUM)!!!    

What goals or aspirations do you have for your blog?

Ha… my goal this week is to have fewer people ‘unfollow’ me than last week! 

If you could meet anyone or do anything who or what would it be? 

This is super predictable, but I’d probably choose to meet Sarah Richardson.  I’ve been inspired by her work ever since the ‘Room Service’ days. 

What are your views on the role of Canadian design on the world stage? Do you feel that Canadians have a unique sense of style, the way we design and decorate our homes? If so, what do you think sets us apart?

I think our style is influenced by the Canadian landscape and climate.  Right now, it’s all about warm and cozy as we are on the verge of the long cold Canadian winter.  When summer hits, we’ll be switching things up to make our homes fresh and cool.  I don’t know if you can pinpoint a specific ‘Canadian style.’  Our country is so diverse, and I think Canadian design reflects that. 

Thank you so much, Barbara, for inviting me to participate in this series!  ‘So Canadian, Eh’  is one of my favourite series’ to read… I look forward to it every Sunday, and am thrilled to be taking part!  

No, thank-you Carissa. I love reading you blog, and I so "get-it" darling! My friends too wouldn't know what I meant about "chevron", "Chiang Mai" or "bergere"
Surprised you are vegan! But I admire those that are, it takes guts :)

XO Barbara


  1. Great Job Barb & Carissa sound fabulous. Her dining room & living room!...WOW

  2. Carissa has a lovely home. Her answers are delightful, and I'm looking forward to visiting her blog.
    Great interview as always, Barbara!
    ~ Wendi ~

  3. I love what she's done! I've made curtains out of a giant bedspread once (did not turn out that well!), but I can honestly say I've never used embroidery hoops to create a chandelier, and that sign is fantastic! She's quite the talent. Great interview ladies.

  4. I need to hope over and see what kind of water you talented Canadian girls are drinking!!!

    That rug, chandelier and the Missoni panels - VERY creative! And not the same old, same old.

    I leave very inspired (as usual)!

    Hugs to you both!


  5. I've been following Carissa for awhile and I am always inspired by her tremendous talent. I loved this interview, it's always so interesting to learn more about my blog friends.

  6. Such great DIY inspiration! Carissa has a beautiful home. I'm loving her Missoni curtains. You're right Barabara - we Canadians are a talented bunch!

  7. What a beautiful home she has. I love that wallpaper. Carissa, can you share the name of it?

  8. What a great feature ... Carissa has a beautiful home!

  9. Carissa is one of my design sisters--separated at birth. ;-) This post was so fun to read, and now I'm loving your blog too! Thanks for hosting Carissa and her amazing talent.

  10. Barbara... thanks again for the feature today!
    Carol... the wallpaper is Graham & Brown Helsinki (colorway was 'slate', but I don't see it as an option anymore!)

  11. Wow, what a gorgeous home and her sense of style is cool. Thanks for posting a very talented and freakin' smart girl!

  12. Lovely interview Barbara :) Great work as usual!!!

  13. I love the eclectic vibe she has. Love to use some of her ideas in the basement.

  14. What a great interview! Her home is amazing. So much creativity! I thought it was so funny that she mentioned people 'unfollowed' her last week. That happened to me too!! Glad to hear I'm not the only one. :) ha ha!

  15. I love what she said about her diy projects being inspired by items that she couldn't afford. I wonder if she'd still be a diy'er if she won the lottery. I'm guessing she would.

  16. I love Carissa - she's is one of the sweetest, most creative people I've met through blogging. Can't believe anyone unfollowed you, hon - x

  17. Carissa's got a great home. Awesome interview :)

  18. Great feature, Barbara! Love Carissa and her mad DIY skills.


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