Lovely Places to Stay

Danielle Oakey, author of Danielle Oakey Interiorsblog, found inspiration the other day at her local Gap store. She asked where do we find inspiration?

It got me thinking how this past summer we stayed in two fabulous hotels that were such a design inspiration. I realized I forgot to share those photos.

Where has the time gone?

Our first hotel, The Intercontinental in San Francisco, we reserved through Hotwire {have you ever tried Hotwire? Smoking deal we got in this place} was decorated with such a modern vibe.

I couldn't help but ooh and ahh around every corner. My family was quite annoyed.

I did manage to snap a few photos.

{This one is from the hotel site} Loved the floor to ceiling wall of windows.
Dreamy looking over the Bay.

The rest are mine ...

I loved the end tables in the lounge area. There was also a grand piano. Whenever I see a grand piano I feel the urge to lay across the top and just start singing show tunes. 

{Ack! Did I just say that out loud??}

The service at this hotel was superb as was the buffet breakfast! My son was told to not piles heaps of food on his plate, so instead he went and half-filled 3 plates!


In Santa Monica was stayed at the Sheraton Delfina Hotel.

It was situated a few blocks from the beach and next to what I thought was odd, a derilict old motel. Made the Sheraton feel out of place.

But the interior was so up my alley!

I couldn't help but take photos. 

My only complaint was the lighting was too dim, reminded me of the Hollister store {if you have teenage daughters, you can't avoid going into that store - which drives me crazy, all dark and over perfumed}

The outdoor lounge area.

A gorgeous tufted leather sofa. And looking down to the lobby from the 3rd floor

I want a convex mirror.

My favourite vignette was this fabulous gallery wall!

{Lovin' the Ikat and the gold trimmed end table}

Hoping to utilize my tall wall up my stairwell by creating a gallery wall like this!

I just love staying at beautifully designed hotels! Sure was a treat after having to sleep one night in our car. Yes. That is another story for another time.

This weekend I need to get my butt in gear and finish some projects. My daughters' room is at a standstill until I can get to Ikea. If you live in the Lower Mainland you will understand why I would procrastinate driving to Ikea on our "forever-under-construction-always-crazy-traffic-freeway."

What is up with all of you this weekend?

XO Barbara


  1. GORGEOUS hotels!!! I don't think they would be able to get me out ;)

  2. Both hotels are gorgeous! I especially like the vibe of the second one. And I totally hear you about Hollister - I refuse to go in there anymore - can't even see the colour of the clothing you are trying to buy...craziness!

    Have a wonderful weekend, hopefully you get some project finished (because I love to read all about them). I will be packing up my cottage kitchen for the big move and also going to a dance to practice my dance steps with my hubby.

  3. I love hotel design! I secretly hope some day to design an amazing hotel chain... someday! Did you go to Shutters on the Beach when you were in Santa Monica? You would love the decor! It is exactly what I want my beach house to look like when we buy it... again hopes and dreams!

    Have fun with your projects this weekend... make you trip to Ikea worth while!


  4. Beautiful hotels! I love the feel of the hotel in San Fransisco. I had to laugh at your temptation to sprawl across the top of a grand piano - now THAT would be a priceless photo!

  5. Gorgeous. One of my fav things about travelling is staying and beautiful hotels!! Love these. Happy weekend, Barbara!

  6. Now this is inspiring - a hotel that truly has chic going on!

    Good luck with your projects this weekend... I'm on the same path. My daughter has a Pro-D today so we're tackling cleaning the hardware from the TV cabinet that's been in progress for almost 2 months now... I keep saying... and this project too shall end!

    Have a great weekend Barbara. I hope you catch the new Sarah episode - saw Tommy's tweet this morning that it's on again today :-)


  7. Hi Barbara, check out my latest post. You've been selected to receive The Versatile Blogger Award! :)
    ~ Wendi ~

  8. beautiful hotel :)
    so charming !

  9. These are such lovely hotels. I also love the gallery wall in the second hotel, and the walls, is that grasscloth I see? *Swoon*

    xox Linda

  10. Great inspiration photos!
    I am also choosy about when I will go to Ikea.... only during the day, on a weekday. I refuse evening and weekend shopping there!

  11. Both are gorgeous!! I LOVE San Fran, but would love to visit your second stop as well.

    As for grand piano's - I got to live out your dream during my wedding photos pre-ceremony in a hotel lobby :) (minus the belting out show tunes part...)

  12. Great hotels! I just love staying at a fab hotel with cool interiors - my faves so far are the W at Union Square in NYC and The Address here in Dubai.
    This weekend my guy and I have been on the hunt for some office furniture for his new offsite office - trying to be fab on a tight budget. :)

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