~Touches of Fall~

I am not much for frou-frou decorating when it comes to fall.

 I strive for simplicity.
That's my way of saying I can't be bothered {or maybe just plain lazy}. 

It seems like too much work to make Hallowe'en sparkly "boo"signs, spray paint branches black (might try this though) or hang leaf garlands over the house. 

But I do decorate the house with small touches that I like to call 

farmer's market chic.

Throw in some cute little pumpkins and my daughter's artwork to create a fall inspired mantel.

A few touches around the house.

Love the shape and colours of the squash I found at the market. The colours pop against the elongated ebony "bowl" my sister brought back from Tanzania.

All the squash around the house has me craving some yummy curried squash soup! 

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  1. Barbara you are right on the mark. Very elegant hits creating the perfect warmth for fall. I love your daughter's painting, it makes the mantel.

  2. Perfect! I love the art and your daughter made it?! Wow.

    So glad you could join the party!

  3. Love it! I always run out and get the ornamental gourds etc. I love the little touch it brings to the house!!

  4. Beautiful, as always Barbara. Your daughter's painting is stunning. I'm with Dana - it makes the mantel! If you make the soup will you post the recipe? It sounds delicious and perfect for Fall. I could eat squash everyday in October!


    P.S. Thanks for posting my giveaway!


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