I don't have anything to show you yet. 

I know, I am such a tease :)

You have no idea how long it takes to write up a tutorial for a diamond tufted headboard! Between teaching, my family and life, I am lucky if I can sit down to the computer to read my favourite blogs let alone write on mine.

 Back to the headboard....
Mistakes were made along the way and I have a new found appreciation for upholsterers. Lets just say that blood (yes-blood - exacto knives are sharp!), sweat and tears were shed while making the headboard. The end result was worth it and I am going to tackle another one next week for my other daughter.  

Having the headboard done has brought back new-found energy to tackle finishing the eldest's room. I am off to Ikea (a great place for those with limited budgets) next week and plan on hacking this:

for her room.

I am also replacing her shelves with these:

and maybe making drapes with this fabric:

all photos:: Ikea

So fingers are crossed that between my grandma's memorial, soccer games, hockey games, homework, raking leaves, Starbuck's with the hubby, walks with the dog, helping the middle daughter shower with a cast (that's another story), sleeping, etc., I can finally finish my tutorial and reveal the long-awaited headboard!

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Skip the leaf raking, I wanna see that headboard!:)

  2. I want to see the headboard too! Love the colour.

  3. You ARE a tease, Barbara!!
    I'm looking forward to seeing what you do to the dresser... love a good Ikea hack!! And the stripes for drapes should be terrific!!

  4. It looks like you've got great things planned for your daughter's bedroom :-) I am SO loving that headboard - the sneak-peek is awesome, I can't wait to see the whole thing!


  5. Eek!! I am sooo excited to read this post because I have 2 rast chests waiting for me to hack for my bedroom!! Great minds think alike, hee hee. I have some hacking plans, my hubby doesn't have tons of faith in my plans...but I am going to go for it and see what happens. Can't wait to see yours too :)
    Nancy xo

  6. I can not wait to see a full picture of the headboard! Just the little snapshot looks amazing. And that tufting - oh my!


    P.S. I'm bummed I didn't win your giveaway but if it couldn't be me I'm glad it was Dana!


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