~Coffee Table Love~

I am back!

 We finally resolved the internet issues {my husband to the rescue}. Felt like I was in withdrawal - not being able to get my daily dose of blogs.

Today you can join me at a linky party over at one of my favourite design bloggers

It's all about coffee tables.

Check out her coffee table, an amazing Craigslist find! Aren't her bookcases so chic? Also a Craigslist find.

She wants to know how we use our coffee tables.


 Let me tell you a story.....

At our home we have two coffee tables, one in the living room and a well used ottoman in the family room. The coffee table in my living room is one I love dearly.

{This is usually how my table is styled - bare and sad}

 Can you love a piece of furniture dearly? 

Despite it's shabbiness: I can.

{Sad photo: raining outside - dark sky-north facing room - photographing  black indoors - really tricky - tips anyone?}

 It is a Danish mid-century style teak coffee table that my parent's had in their living room while I was growing up. {They have a lot of amazing teak pieces} I inherited the table when I married but after many years of abuse by my children, husband {yes dear, you must use a coaster} and a dog, it needed to be resuscitated.

I tried to refinish it....

 Sadly, it wasn't solid teak and couldn't be refinished so with Benjamin Moore to the rescue, it was painted with a solid oil-based ebony stain.

Funny story: While I was waiting for a coat to dry, my dog decided to eat my latex glove! When I went for a walk with him later I {uhmmmm} "discovered" it.

My coffee table is one of those hand-me-down pieces that I can't let go. I remember jumping off that table as a child, having Viennese coffee with my Czech grandmas, watching my daughter pull up and dance to Abba's "Dancing Queen" when she was 10 months, watching shows performed on top of the table by two toddlers dressed in swimsuits and tutus, even my dog got in on the action while breaking in his adult teeth on one shelf.......the list can go on.

Never thought a piece of furniture could hold so many memories. Now is sadly sits in our rarely used living room. My assortment of coffee table books along with a hurricane vase sit atop with the occasional flower arrangement. 

I tried to have a plate of shells to decorate it a bit

 my dog ate them.

 It's life in the living room may be limited though, not sure if it will stay here. I find that room is too dark with many dark finishes.  I might move it upstairs in the soon-to-be designed games room where it can be abused a bit more.

In the meantime, put your feet up and join me at Emily A. Clark's coffee table linky party to see how coffee tables play a role in others' lives!


  1. I LOVE this post Barbara! What a great story and isn't it special to have furniture around us with memories?

    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!


  2. Hi Barbara! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me a comment! I love your blog too! I am going to add you to see my sidebar too!!! I don't have a lot of time to be in front of the computer today but as soon as I can, I am going to get a cup of tea and read your past posts! I love when I find great Canadian blogs! They're my fav! Angie xo

  3. oooo I love my coffee table. I found it a Jysk of all places and every time I look at it I am happy. My plan all along was to paint it. But well, I'm colour selection impaired. Glad you're back.

  4. I love those pieces that really are special! I love how you accessorized with books and too funny about the glove. Poor doggie!

  5. I love pieces that have history to them. Your living room is so pretty, I was surprised to hear that your don't often use it.

  6. Good to have you back! Your dog is hilarious BTW!

  7. Having meaningful furniture is what makes a house a home. I loved your story...and those hydrangeas.

  8. great coffee table story! our dogs should never meet...! what mine knows she will share with yours and make one big terrible disaster of a choc lab! but we love them right!?
    nice to meet you today!

  9. I love your coffee table and the fact that it was your parents! Pieces with a story are so much more interesting than anything we can go out and buy today. Unfortunately, I haven't yet developed a love for any of my parents early furniture. Maybe In 10 or 20 years!


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