~Back To School~

Today the kids are back at school. It is bittersweet for me, as I am thrilled to have the house {and computer} to myself, but my heart aches as I realize that in two years my oldest daughter who is in the 11th grade will graduate and move far away to some distance college {her wish, not mine}. I am thrilled for them as they venture into a new school year, my oldest in the 11th grade, the next daughter is in the 9th and my *sniff* baby son is in the 7th grade,  encountering new teachers, friends and adventures  that will shape them and mould them preparing them for a life on their own.

 Time is ticking away. 

As a mother you relish in watching your children blossom and grow but ache when you have to let go. I guess that is why you get to "keep" them for at least 18 years because from the moment they are born you are slowly letting them go. 

Enough sappy talk. 

 The flip side is that I now have peace and quiet for most of the day to work on what I love doing best: painting, sewing, re-finishing, re-arranging, decorating, blogging, reading, walking the dog, running......oh....  and working as an elementary teacher-on-call {the perk -- I don't have to work when I don't want to!}

I am hoping to get the ball rolling on projects that have fallen by the wayside {you must be getting sick and tired of me saying that} and finally finish my daughter's room! 

Have a Happy Tuesday!


  1. I think you are totally justified in a little sappiness! Enjoy it while they are young! And I can't wait to see what your next project is! :)

  2. I enjoyed your "sappiness" about watching your kids growing up. Did a little lamenting about that of my own this year. Seems like the beginning of a school year is when that reality (kids growing) seems to hit the hardest.
    Love your pictures.
    Keep smiling.


  3. Well...amen and amen!
    I'm in total panic and agreement on both counts :)

  4. ok, barbara! you sucked me in! i just flashed forward several years and already i am dreading having to LET GO!
    awww, very sweet post...
    i think mo and i will see you next saturday! ;)
    sorry about your daughter's arm...!
    IVM is happening again Oct 16...you havent missed out completely!

  5. I've decided to start subbing too. I need to make some money for more camera equipment. Its very motivating. Enjoy your quiet time.

  6. This is a really sweet post, I can only imagine that it is hard to watch your kids grow up so fast. Time flies at lightening speed doesn't it?? Maybe there is still time to convince your daugther to go to Trinity?!? :)


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