~Martha I am Not~

I came across a simple painting project in an article from an old issue of Martha Stewart Living. I like to clip articles from various magazines and store them in a plastic sleeve in a binder. I have planned on doing this simple project for some time. I thought I would jump on the chalkboard paint bandwagon and attempt what I thought would be a quick and easy project! There are so many projects out there in blogland that use chalkboard paint. 

Well, Martha always makes it look easy.

 I took my small Ikea Fira mini chest of drawers that I used to store my sewing supplies and spray painted it with Heirloom White (jumpin' on the "Heirloom White" bandwagon too).

I followed Martha's directions, painted on the chalkboard paint then attempted to paint a red border. This is where the whole project fell apart. The tape I used caused the red paint to bleed through and now I have a mess. Why is it when you attempt something you think will be easy it ends up being a headache!

I have come to the conclusion, that 
I am not Martha
I am trying to fix my red mess and hopefully can show some after photos. Stay tuned....

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