~Keep Calm and Carry On~

Yesterday I found my husband printing up a card. I was curious as to what he was printing and I found him printing this:

Image from http://www.keepcalmandcarryon.com

I wanted to get a poster sized print to frame and hang this up in our family room (since I love red). Sometimes my decorating challenged husband surprises me. His idea of decorating is to artfully place his socks on the floor, stack papers on the front console table or store bikes in the bedroom. He loves the idea of decorating with posters and maps, therefore after reading this article in the New York Times online on Tuesday, he wanted the famous British WWII propaganda poster for his office. He explored further and found these tongue-in-cheek posters too:

Image from http://www.threadless.com

Image from http://www.doobybrain.com
I think I want these ones hung up too - they would make great conversation starters!

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  1. I love the Keep Calm and Carry On poster. I am thinking of ordering it that beautiful red and hanging it up somewhere! Love it!

    Hope you had a great holiday!



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