One Room Challenge | Rental Kitchen Makeover: Week Three

Well, welcome back to the One Room Challenge. We are onto week 3! If you are new here, you can read pop over to week one and week two to see my inspiration and ideas for my kitchen makeover.

I am participating as a guest participant for the One Room Challenge along with hundreds of other amazingly talented bloggers and influencers! The One Room Challenge has 20 featured designers that you can follow along as well!

 My guess is you want a kitchen update?? Nothing too exciting happened this week.

The ONLY thing I managed to do is to sew all 3 Roman shades. They will look like this shade I whipped up last year!

They aren't going to get mounted until I am finished stencilling the backsplash. The stencil and supplies from Cutting Edge Stencils were shipped out last week, and arrived yesterday! Yay!

I decided last minute to refinish our vintage kitchen table which is a library desk from the 1920's. After asking on Instastories, it seems the consensus is to stain it dark walnut like my coffee table or this table I refinished for my daughter last summer.

The shiplap from Metrie still needs to be applied onto the island, I just need a free weekend with NO houseguests. I have my daughter flying in this Easter weekend. Last weekend my brother-in-law was visiting. I am hoping to sweet talk my lovely hubby (who isn't a fan of DIY projects) to help me install the shiplap on the kitchen island.

Last week I snagged some stools for the island and I'm going to strip the seat and stain walnut and then paint the legs matte black.

I'm still hunting for affordable cabinet knobs. I need 50 and since we are renting this house, I don't want to spend too much. I kind of like these from Lowe's.

The best part of the kitchen makeover arrived this week, the gorgeous wool rug from ECarpet Gallery! It is simply stunning!

Wish me luck in getting more accomplished this week! Yikes!

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