Celebrating with Modern Map Art

Recently I was asked by Modern Map Art if I wanted a free print to review. A quick peek at the site and I had no hesitation. I love typographical art and maps. Since I was a child, maps have always been a fascination for me. I could pour over our atlas and dream about visiting far off places. Growing up in the city, seeing stars at night was less than stellar. When we visit in my inlaws farm in Alberta you can see millions of stars! Naturally, the Star Map really caught my eye. You can choose to customize your piece: there are various fonts, add text and change the backgrounds. I love how you can choose a date, location and time to celebrate something important in your life with a star map!

I chose my husband's and mine wedding date. Today is our 27th wedding anniversary, 1991-08-24, what a perfect gift to celebrate our special day from 27 years ago!

Modern Map Art has city maps, country maps and ski maps as well! On my wish list is a Prague map! Pop over and see what catches your eye!

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