An Amazing Rental Makeover

If you have followed my blog for a while or if you are new here, we are renting our current home. You can read more about why, here. There are others who rent and do not shy away from adding their signature touch to their space. Recently I started following Lisa Canning on Instagram and her YoutTube channel. Not sure where I have been but I have been sucked in the black hole of YouTube. SO MUCH GOODNESS. Lisa Canning, her husband and 6 children recently sold their small home and are renting a stunning home in the Toronto area that is swallowed up by trees essentially making it feel like a cabin in the woods. She calls it the "Canning Cabin." Her home is AH-mazing. Hard to believe its a rental. Please have a look and watch her YouTube episode as she explains how and why they did a mini-renovation on their rental home. So inspiring!

Isn't her home stunning! Love that she doesn't shy away from permanent additions such as shiplap. I'm itchng to update our home too. I've got the summer off, must keep myself busy!

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