One Room Challenge 2018: Sewing Studio On a Budget

I've decided last minute to join in the latest round of the One Room Challenge as a guest participant. Last spring I joined in and then disaster struck with my dining table. I didn't manage to finish the room in time and, it's still not 100% complete. But with the encouragement of a friend, I have decided to start selling throw pillows on Etsy (hasn't been launched yet) and need a space dedicated for that. With all of our kids out of the house, I decided to take over my son's room and turn it into a sewing studio! Since we are renting, you won't see fancy mouldings or new carpeting. This will be a budget makeover! I am excited to create a space dedicated for my sewing!

If you Google "sewing studio" you either get a utilitarian space or one for the quilter with gads of fabric scraps and lots of turquoise. Not sure why that seems to be the chosen accent colour? I hope to create a calm and bright space and add a touch of feminine. Do I have a plan? Sort of. I have a vision in my head but who knows what I will end up with! Follow along.

Here is the space in it's current chaos.

Here is some inspiration photos:

Hoping to paint something like this on the wall!

See the turquoise? Anywhooo, follow along and see where it ends up! If you want to see other spaces as they evolve check out the One Room Challenge page!


  1. Ooh - you're brave to hand paint a wall. I think I'd be tempted to just wallpaper with a cute botanical (like this: I can't wait to see how you do it!!!


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