Hallowe'en Decor for the Lazy (Like Me!)

I am not much of a decorator for Hallowe'en but when the kids were little I did throw touches of spookiness here and there but they had to be quick and easy. Here are some fabulous ideas for your home that you can use without going over the top.
No. 1: A beautiful brass and walnut pumpkin carving set to keep for years to come.

No. 2: Bat vinyl stickers. Hang them up along a wall, on your front door or where ever you want to add a bit of spookiness!

No. 3: Nothing says Halloween than a spooky skeleton greeting the trick and treaters at the door!

No. 4: A simple bunting to string up at your door or on your fireplace.

No. 5: A string of jack'o'lantern lights to string up on the front porch.

How is that for easy?

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