ORC - Week Three

In case you are popping by for the first time, welcome to the One Room Challenge! I am joining in the madness as a guest participant, but if you want to watch some amazingly talented designers tackle their spaces, check out the 20 who are part of the fun. If you want to follow along with crazy me, who decided last minute to join in at week 2, then be my guest!

Hosting Easter dinner threw a wrench into my dining room plans. I couldn't paint the walls, the sideboard or deal with the table. Hoping I can make some headway this week. I did manage to prime and paint the vintage cane back chairs, but had a major setback. More on that below....

With these two fabrics from Tonic Living as contenders for the seat, black is what I was going to go with.  Having spray painted many a project I knew I wanted some with very little shine. Flat spray paint was too dull. Satin was ok, but I wasn't convinced. Being a lazy painter, I did not want to get out the ol' paint brush. I popped into Home Depot to get another can of grey spray primer (love this stuff), I discovered spray chalk paint! I am not wanting a shabby chic look at all in the dining room. Traditional eclectic is my goal. This chalk spray paint was intriguing. After one chair was complete, I squealed with delight. It had a velvety charcoal look. Just what I was looking for!

But I have had a major set back. I tried applying a beeswax coating and the paint just wiped off. Then I tried the Rustoleum Clear Coat that is supposed to seal the chalk paint and it ruined the paint surface by bubbling. After spending all this time and money getting a perfect paint coating, I have to start over. So not impressed with this product. After going online to read the reviews, I have read that MANY people have had the same issue. Argh! I should have gone with what is tried and true.  So who knows if I will be finished in the next 3 weeks since I am going away this weekend and there is no way my hubby would paint or would I let him paint...

I am very, very upset.

To Do:
  • Paint chairs actually no, I have to repaint
  • Upholster seats
  • Slip cover 2 parson's chairs
  • Paint or stain dining table
  • Paint walls
  • Accessories for sideboard
  • Art?
  • Repaint sideboard (decided to keep it red)

Be sure to follow the One Room Challenge, so much goodness to be found. You can also follow my progress on #oneroomchallenge on Instagram or Facebook

Hopefully others aren't having any glitches!

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  1. so sorry to hear Barb! good luck with the chairs and relax this weekend. It will all be better!


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