A FAT Makeover

Recently I was given a chair by my cousin who was attempting to sell it on a Facebook bidding site. I hijacked that bidding war and won it for a whole $1! My sweet cousin dropped it off, and I still owe him that buck. He knows where I live....

Using the leftover FAT chalk paint from my Ikea Markor cabinet makeover, I painted the chair and gave it a bit of sanding along the edges. 

A little side note about FAT paint, it was created by my friend Victoria and her brother in a mixer in her kitchen to a thriving small business that is taking over North America, one small boutique retailer at a time! So proud of my friend! 

The seat was covered with a watercolour floral fabric from Tonic Living, looking simply stunning. Eventually this chair will make it's way to my eldest daughter's apartment. Her roommate along with the roommate's furniture will most likely move out this fall, so we are looking to furnish her space with Craigslist and thrift shop finds. The one key piece she was gifted was an antique pedastal table that belonged to her great-grandmother that my SIL has in her basement. Her vision is to get a collection of mismatched chairs to go with the table. This chair is the first! 



Currently I am working on a few sewing projects, because this gal got to test out a skookum sewing machine for a month! Can't wait to share.



  1. That's a great chair for a buck! You've done a fab job with the makeover. It's so fresh and will look great around that pedestal table!

  2. Barbara, I love this! The paint colour is lovely, and the fabric is something I would want for my bedroom.

    I can't wait to see the finished collection of chairs around that pedestal table!

  3. Your daughter is getting a beautiful chair! Looking forward to seeing what other chairs you makeover.

  4. That fabric is gorgeous! You did such an awesome job!


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