Woah, that's the longest break from my blog I have ever taken. I am finding Instagram so much easier. To write a decent blog post takes time, have to take photos with my camera which requires me to edit and upload onto the computer. I am just too dang lazy. Also I have been really thinking about my blog, what I want it to be, do I want it to go anywhere, and if so,  do I need to simplify my name, or just use my name instead of something else? I had dreams of venturing into design, hence the name, but I can't see myself actually enjoying the business aspect of it, so that is not a reality anymore. Maybe I should just be hodge:podge, as that is what my blog is full of, a mix of gobbly goo. Or should I just be my name, like other bloggers? Or is that just so yesterday already? 


What do you see my blog as?  I do enjoy showing everyone that renting shouldn't limit you design-wise. I loved interviewing fabulous Canadians in my So Canadian, eh? series, but that was soooo time consuming.  Not sure what my niche is. Would love your two bits.

Even though I left my blog stagnant, I have been busy with a few projects. I am almost finished custom roman blinds for our master bedroom! Hoping to head to Ikea to get my favourite drapes to add an extra layer to the windows!

I have been adding a few blue and white bowls to my collection.

Can't help myself.

And this lamp came home with me from Target, which by the way is leaving Canada. Waaaaah!. Only now that they are exiting our lovely country, are their shelves fully stocked. That was not the case for the past 18 months. So sad, really. 

I have been trying to decorate slowly, not make rash decisions. I really want our home to feel like a home and not a showcase for a photo op. I want it to reflect who we are, and not fill it with trendy things. I don't want it to look like thousands of other bloggers homes, which frankly I find so boring and lacking any design aesthetic. So with that in mind, I will practice slow blogging as well. Why fill this blog with "filler" posts?  I want to be filled with authenticity and inspiration. 

And my 5 year blogiversary came and went in October. 


I feel I have come a long way with in those 5 years. Life has changed, my priorities have changed but I still enjoy blogging even if it is every once in a while. I have had many exciting opportunities land on my lap, met fabulous people (many who I can call a good friend now) and have felt the whole world open up! Being a mom to one still at home, moving this past summer and teaching Kindergarten/grade one has kept me busy. So glad that I have many friends that have stuck by, thank you. Hugs and kisses to you all!


  1. Yay for IG being the new blog... :) I say do whatever you want to do with your blog...I haven't posted in forever but still like catching up via other blogs...but mostly insta :)

  2. I hear ya with the blog thing - as you can see, my posts have dwindled as well. I also don't want to fill with filler posts and with Pinterest and Instagram having taken over, I'm almost feeling like blogs are going the way of VCRs. I miss my favourite bloggers and Instagram just doesn't do it for me. Being back "home" has thrown me for a loop and it's taking me a lot longer to find my stride than I had expected. But I'm dabbling in painting now so we'll see where that goes! I hope you keep blogging - I love your projects and have always looked forward to catching up with your end of Canada. :)

  3. I hear you about blogging! Isn't it crazy to think about how many posts we both used to publish? I don't know what changed, but man, posts just take so much time and effort to put together! It's so hard to find the time when you have a full time job and real life getting in the way. I've always enjoyed your combination and "Hodge Podge" posts. I think you should do whatever feels right to you!


  4. I'm relatively new to your blog (just started reading it last fall) so I wish you posted more often but I understand how priorities change.

    I do have a question though... what are your favourite curtains from IKEA. Heading there Saturday to get the little one new bed stuff "sheets, duvet, pillows, etc."

    1. Tanja, thanks for the comment. I wish I had the energy to blog more. I enjoy it...but working full time just gets me. My FAVOURITE curtains are Ritva drapes from Ikea in white. They aren't a true white, off white but I LOVE them. I have used them in every house. You can customize them, add pom pom trim, pinch pleat them, etc! And you can't beat their price at $39 CDN. Maybe I should do a blog post on them?

  5. Hey Barbara! I echo the other is so easy to feel pressure to do what others are doing...but what if that feels totally weird and takes up all your time? Do what is natural for your place and time...the readers will still be there and the upside is that the trolls will have moved on:) I have always admired your style so keep going...I guess I need to get an instagram account hey? I want to see those romans btw

  6. I'm with you Barbara, and I echo Nichole's thoughts. My #5 is coming up this summer, and what a crazy ride - I'm still thinking through a fresh makeover - a cleaner look, etc. but have many of the same questions you do. I love your hodge:podge name, and I really like your DIY's and rental decorating focus. I think that speaks to the talent you have to share, and there are so many who can benefit! Happy to see reconnect!!


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