I have had an incredibly busy summer! It was jam packed with hustle and bustle. We moved houses, went away twice in the midst of packing, moving and unpacking. Managed to get two kids off to university within a week in the same city, which was crazy. Hosted a few impromptu dinners for guests that happened to be in town. Now I can sit down and breathe. 

Here are a few pictures taken from my last week and a half!

 Was thankful I could visit my in-law's farm after dropping off the middle at university, it had been 4 years since I last visited.

 Picked some crab apples to take home and made applesauce!

Came home to find this cheerful drawing by my niece who stayed over at our house while we were away. Note the unpacked boxes in the background. 

But I MUST share my latest project.  This past weekend, after I came home from dropping off the middle at university, I drove back with my oldest to help her set up her first apartment. With no furniture, we hit Ikea on Labour Day weekend - which was a ZOO! Her dad and I bought her a bed and dresser. She was lucky enough to move in with a roommate who had living/dining room furniture. Our daughter was gifted relatively new Ikea Expedit bookcases, so she is set up! But I spent 4 hours putting together a dresser and a bed. Now if anyone has ever put together Ikea furniture, they can relate to my agony. You have to read those darn instructions sooooo carefully. It would also help if you were an octopus, as extra arms are needed. My nephew and sister-in-law, who popped by to visit, came at the right time! Putting a bed together requires more that 2 people! My SIL ended up staying and helped me finish the rest, otherwise I would have not made my flight home in time. I look forward to getting some "after" photos to share with you here.

The dresser finished! And yes, that is a cucumber on top. She has two grandmothers with huge gardens who won't let you leave without taking a cucumber or two. That is how we roll.

Today I sit here, my head whirling from my crazy summer and am relieved that despite the teacher's strike (long story - but in BC, we teachers are on strike, not what I signed up for when I began teaching 7 years ago), I have a few days/weeks to breathe, collect my thoughts and spend time with my son, who loves the fact his bossy older sisters are far away!

This week, I hope to get some projects done around here. And I am homeschooling my son, teaching a bit of grade 11 pre-calculus math, a bit of a stretch for someone who teaches kindergarten. Wish me luck!

XO Barbara


  1. thinking of you as you work hard with your son! Love the dresser your daughter picked...and her mirror!...hope to see your new home pics!
    And maybe a coffee?...I am at the fort every week at least once!

  2. Haha an octopus. Love it! I hope the strike gets resolved soon - a week off for you would be nice :)

  3. You crack me up, Barbara! And I love that you were able to help both of your girls settle in Edmonton. Enjoy your time off until that dang strike gets resolved.

  4. Busy summer indeed! I can't believe we didn't see more of each other...not that we didn't try! lol. ;)
    Thanks for pointing out the cucumber! It gave me a giggle.

  5. I'm so glad you've had some time now to reflect on the good things! It's well deserved B, you should be proud!

  6. sounds busy! I hear ya on the IKEA assembly stuff - we've been up to our eyeballs assembling IKEA closet pieces since 3 of the bedrooms in this house have no closets! I'd rather stab myself in the eye than assemble one more thing from IKEA!

  7. I certainly understand your IKEA pain. But the stuff is so worth it when all put together, right? Sounds like you've had an incredible summer and hope you now get some time to reflect and enjoy your new home!

  8. Ikea-building is usually best enjoyed around here with wine :) Sometimes it takes a little longer, but at least you enjoy your self! You have been so busy! You moved again? WIll have to read some posts and get caught up on the happenings… we have moved so much as well...on the bright side, it's a whole blank slate for projects, isn't it?


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