Get Your Baking On

With report cards behind me (woot, woot!), my next few weeks planned for my class and my house almost decorated for the holidays, I am ready to start baking!

Style at Home is running their annual Holiday Cookie Recipe Swap where you can possibly win a Kitchen Aid Mixer! 

I already have one, but would LOVE to win one for my sister. Wouldn't I be simply amazing if I gave her one for Christmas? Kidding aside, I love my sister and she works so hard to feed her family. My niece has an enormous amount of food sensitivities and my sister slaves to make sure her food tastes good and is balanced. On top of that my sis struggles with her own food sensitivities that are different than her daughter's. I think this mixer would be a perfect pick me up for her and to help her with her food prep!

So I am digging out my recipe cards this weekend, and going to get my baking on with hopes to win that red beauty!

Any baking plans for you? Any go-to holiday cookie recipe you love?

XO Barbara


  1. I have one, too and just love it. I have baking plans but have not started yet. I would really like to try and convert some of my favorite recipes to gluten free.

  2. OOOOOhhhh very nice!!! I too have one, a white one and I love it!!!!

  3. Hey Barb, I will email you my snowball cookie recipe! Hope you have a lovely XMAS break and love your IG pictures :). xoxo Nancy

  4. I can't wait to do some cookie baking with my fun!!


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