Holiday Gift Guide: Saatchi

If money were no object around my house, I would LOVE to purchase some original art. I have a few small pieces picked up from street side vendors when I visited Paris and Prague. Hanging on my walls is some originals created by my own children. My one daughter even has her own online shop (it is temporarily closed) where she sells her original paintings. Watching her pour her heart into her art, I can appreciate the emotional energy an artist puts into his or her work.  

Want to get lost and gaze at original paintings online? I recently discovered Saatchi, an online gallery of original art featuring artists from all over the planet. The fabulousness of this website is that some artists offer prints of their work - which I think is brilliant, as you can have one-of-a-kind art hanging on your walls at a fraction of the price! It is a great way for artists to be discovered and you to discover art that you love!

Here are some of my favourites:

Happy Browsing. Trust me you will get lost in all the creativity.

XO Barbara


  1. Love the last picture!!!! Stunning!

  2. Beautiful paintings Barbara! I liked the last one too - I could decorate a whole room around that one {sigh}, thanks for the link to Saatchi!

  3. Good call! Art is always welcome and I have to say that over time, I have seen the coolest pieces from sources like this. Off to go browse.

  4. A gallery wall full of original art would be a dream! First, I need more wall space! ;)


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