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The lucky winner of the June 2010 Style at Home Issue is........

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 prairiewhisper said...

I'd love to recieve a magazine. Thanks for the chance.

prairiewhisper: email me you address so I can pop the magazine in the mail!


My projects for the week:
I have been busy working on several projects around the house, one of which required a lot of spray paint.   I think my neighbours are starting to get annoyed with me, as I spray paint in the back yard and have been all week! Sorry neighbours :)

A little sneak peek!

 The weather turned rainy and put my spray painting on hold AND I ran out of paint and need to head to the hardware store to stock up.

Ongoing (never-ending) project: Girl's bedroom

The boxsprings for the girls' beds were picked up on Sunday. My son felt like it was Christmas as he got the girls' beds put into his room as a bunk bed. He is in heaven, now he has two beds to choose from, can sleep up high and make a fort out of the bed. 

His comment was "Mom, quick get the blog camera out, aren't you going to take pictures?" 

That is another post, for there is a whole story to tell about how we, my sweet husband spent his Sunday afternoon.

My 14 year old took some convincing that her bed was going to look great once I was done. All she saw was a mattress, boxspring and frame and was quite UNINSPIRED. What she was really itching to do was to take the bed on the street and have bed races. The 14 year old is a quite a character, with an interesting sense of humour, she is a cute quiet slender blonde that says the funniest things and loves snakes {yes - I need help incorporating a snake and its  habitat into her room decor}

This photo is the almost 16 year old's room with the green wall that makes me cringe, I did let her pick out the colour and willingly painted it, but can't wait for Stonington gray to go on the wall.

My goal this week is to source out some foam, batting and find a jigsaw to borrow, so I can finally finish the headboards. The crunch is on, the almost 16 year old is off for her week long hike and I said I would finish her room while she is gone. Darn - why do I say such things, now I need to paint her room, find an end table, hang up art work, find a new blind, spruce up her drapes and put the whole room back together in one weeks time!

**excuse the layout. I am attempting to create a 3 column blog and am trying to fix the margins - argh!


  1. I just sent you an email with my address. Thank you so much, I can't wait to get the magazine and read it front to back.

  2. Darn! Now I have to go out and purchase that issue of Style at Home! ;-) In an effort at being a good sport... congrats to PrarieWhisper!!

    You have a lot to do, Barbara! It seems you've got good energy though, so I have faith that you'll have your daughter's room done by the time she returns. The green isn't all that bad, you know. Looks fresh with the bedding. But I understand you have a look and goal in mind, so don't let your daughter read my comment about liking the green! HaHa!

    Can't wait to see your projects!

  3. looking good! congrats to the winner! i too was not able to post that wedget! sorry cant help!

  4. Can't wait to see the headboards when you are finished!! Way to go for getting on top of all your projects, I need to get some of your motivation for mine!
    So the random.org thing...probably the easiest way is to press Ctrl and Printscreen (PrtSc) which copies your whole screen and then you can crop just the box you want in photoshop (or other programs you may use) once the pic is saved. Did you try that? Also, my most favorite program right now is called SnagIt, google SnagIt for a free 30 day trial and you will fall in love. You can copy ANYTHING off of any screen and it is super user friendly!! I would recommend it to every blogger!
    Hope this helps!


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