~Giveaway Winner~

I had wanted to post about my intended project where I was going to use this:

but a sore shoulder threw a wrench into that plan. I was in so much pain on Friday and Saturday that I begged my husband to amputate. I broke my arm last year while mountain biking but this was more painful. I am off to the doctors today for my x-ray results and then I hope that I can attack my to-do list.

But.... the moment you have been waiting for......drum roll please..... 

the winner of the Reco pasta serving bowl from CSN stores


Congratulations Merrie L.!

I will contact you via email to get your information to pass onto the powers that be at CSN who will ship you your bowl. 

Enjoy! (Lucky duck)

Thanks for all who entered my first giveaway.

 I might have to do more, it is true: giving is far better than receiving.

 It was nice to "meet" some of my loyal followers and welcome new ones. 


  1. Congrats Merrie!! I hope you find lots of uses for your new bowl :-)

    Barb... take good care of yourself. I have a similar shoulder injury and it can be sooo painful!! I cried myself to sleep several painful nights. I ended up needing a prescription anti-inflamatory AND tylenol with codine to get through it. You'll get through it too!!!


  2. Sorry to hear your shoulder is so bad...I hope it will start to heal soon!


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